Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bad Girl, Crow-ed Shoes, 75 and more - collage!

In the background, between this and that, I am doing digital collage. It's the 'noodle-around' art that always calls me.  Sometimes I'm inspired by an image I come across - as in Bad Girl.  Other times I wander through my own image collection.  Still other times I create a collage for a card - a birthday, good vibes, something on a friend's mind.  These latter projects are often especially interesting to me, because I will use subjects, images and colors that are not my own sensibility but rather for the person I am making the card for.  So in creating with another in mind I follow a different route in some ways.

In fact, recently I submitted some of my collages printed on canvas and some products, bags and small purses, to a local shop.  I found it interesting that they didn't like any of my own designs - 'too edgy' - but did like the pieces I had done for others - which include angels, butterflies and mermaids.  lol  In the end, though, they weren't 'accepting new artists at the time.'  lol

I found the key image in Bad Girl googling for who knows what.  I believe the original is a photo of 'cosplay' - costume play from Vera Chimera.  But I found an altered image of a photo and I altered it even more.  In any event, Bad Girl tickled me.  You can analyze why.  I just know I loved it.  And I can see Bad Girl showing up in future pieces.

Bad Girl

My friend Leslie and I share a love of Crows and we often exchange crow inspired art for birthdays and the like.  This collage is an extrapolation from Leslie's recent birthday card.

Crow-ed Shoes

75 - Collector of Images

Reaching Out To My Early Self

Travel Well for Mimi

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  1. As always, I love reading about your creative endeavors and mind-set as you work. I'm so glad you share this stuff with us (and the "world"). As to the store that's not accepting new artists right now.... their loss. It's not a bad thing (or bad girl thing) to be 'too edgy' for Staunton, VA ;-)


Thanks for sharing!