Saturday, April 25, 2020

Instagram - Covid 19 Heroes

Well, life has truly changed for all of us.  My last post was filled with collage from my Winter Travel.  Now travel is far from my mind, far from a possibility.  And although there is open time for art, a 'having to stay at home and wondering what's next' ennui stymied a creative flow.

Recently, as a user of Photoshop Elements,  I got an email invitation to join their Instagram posts of  #HonorHeroes@Adobe.  It inspired me and I was drawn to do some portraits of nurses throughout the country I found in various articles on the web.  It came to me to highlight their efforts with words capturing the essence of each person.  A tiny tribute.

Kious Jordan Kelly, NYC

Anthony Fauci

So I now have an Instagram account.

Please meet up with me there @

These portraits are my first Instagram post.  I still like what is now 'old school' blogging but think Instagram might be a great place to share random collages, from the 'archives' as it were.

And with our new 'aloha' - Stay well. Stay safe.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Savannah 2020

Always so happy to spend time in Savannah. The Historic District and further neighborhoods offer a wonderful combo of urban elegance, historic architecture, funky art, the River walk and the unique opportunity to enjoy a green oasis in its numerous 'Squares', i.e., parks throughout the city, culminating in  Forsyth Park with its many Live Oaks and its lovely, famous fountain.  

The presence of SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design adds a special air of creativity and interesting people to the town. And offers a major museum and various galleries. Savannah's Jepson Art Center and the Telfair Gallery are other rich sources of art. as well as the numerous private galleries all around town. My personal favorite gallery is Roots Up, home for so-called 'outsider art'.

Our daily meanderings offer rich architecture, storefronts and homes, and all the signage and oddities that always catches my eye. And like in Cedar Key, many of my collages from the past six years have become historical artifacts, capturing places that are radically changed or no longer there.  

City Market - A.T Hun Gallery - Savannah

11 Barnard Street - Savannah

Planet 3 - Savannah

Prohibition Museum - Savannah

And a final caution I came upon...

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Winter Travels 2020 - Cedar Key - the Nature Coast of Florida

Once again I am a most fortunate person to spend some Winter time in one of my favorite places., Cedar Key - laid back, old-school Florida Gulf coast town.  A place to sit and watch and listen to the Gulf of Mexico from our vacation rental deck, meander the streets of historic Florida cottage architecture, with enough restaurants to please and boasting two art galleries.

Our favorite place for breakfast is the Second Street Cafe. Steamers is our go-to place for lunch and dinner. And Island Arts, now on Dock Street, is where we always bring something home from, especially from potter Frank DiGangi.

And once again, I have fun being inspired by what is around me for collage.  As always, I take my own photos, amplify the colors and alter them and add elements that catch my eye, many of which are extracted from other local photographs. The background images may have a bit of artistic modification, so if you came upon that place, it might look different than my collage. I travel with a hefty supply of images and google is always available to find just what I am looking for - or wasn't looking for!  Art fun.

This year I noticed several of my past Cedar Key collages have become 'historical' as some of the places, especially businesses, are no longer there.

Big Deck - Cedar Key, FL

Dilly Dally Mermaid on Second Street - Cedar Key

This lovely mermaid resides in the Dilly Dally Gally gift shop, in  the painting she is holding. Here she been freed to hang out on Second Street with her armadillo pal.

Cedar Key Circa 1930

Yellow In Cedar Key

Second Street Live Oak - Cedar Key

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween. Oooky Pooky!

Halloween.  All Hallowed. The veil between the realms is thinned.  The dark mysteries can be glimpsed at.  We can dance and explore behind our mask and costume.  Some of these collages were made just for the season.  Others are just apropos.

Spirits @ News Virginian

Bad Dolly Trick or Treat

Crow Sisters Dark Matter
I Still Repeat The Things You said
All Saints Frida

Friday, September 27, 2019

Crows! Calling All Crows!

I have a thing for Crows. Crows speak to me. I feel them. They're symbolic to me, my totem, as it were.

Many years ago in a drumming circle, there was a guided meditation where we were invited to dive into a pond and when we emerged we would meet someone/something significant.  I 'met' Grandmother Crow. She embraced me within her cloak and since then Crow came present in my life. I have had many other Crow experiences, have gathered all things Crow and find Crow in my art, as themselves and as intertwined with me.  I appreciate the Corvid cousin Raven, but Crow who is my clan. 

Recently I completed another Crow collage and today decided to post a Gathering of Crows, a Murder of Crows.  

Crows Unbinding Worry

Dreamtime Crow Guardian

Crows Sisters

Crows Sisters-Dark Matters

White Crow Guardian

Spiraled E Crowed

Sad Hope Wth Crows

Greenway Crow Gathering

Crow-ed Shoes

Monday, August 12, 2019

West Asheville Summertime

West Asheville, NC is such a fun and inspiring place.  Asheville itself is a great place, but I really thrive in the little-bit-funky West Asheville vibe.  Any walk around town is full of things that catch my eye and many yearn to become a collage. Yeppo, they tell me so. 

The weather was great and our time a bit short, so only two collages came out of this visit.  I typically do my 'regional' collages while I'm actually visiting and in the area.  It's part of my fun with capturing the locale I'm visiting.

Bari Salon - West Asheville, NC          

The West Asheville Lion

Special thank yous to Liz and Morris our West Asheville hosts.  It's always special and so are they. Always.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Out and About, Birthdays, Foreign Travel and Fierce Crows!

The post title says it all about this little collection.

Inspired by the Charlottesville, VA downtown walk mall. Recently saw Randy Rainbow at the Paramount and the still-old-school Nook, a long-time personal favorite.

The Paramount Theatre - Charlottesville VA

The Nook - Charlottesville, VA

Dear Friend Perry celebrated his 80th birthday. This is a celebration for him with some of his most wonderful accomplishments. The background is one of Perry's own drawings.

Perry @ 80

This started out as an 'Anonymous Content' collage, where I begin with no theme and let the images direct the flow.  The central image of the men led the way. And since it's a picture of the group Foreigner, the focus and title emerged.  They chose that name because the group was formed in the US, but two members were British and they thought in either the US or Britain, some of them were 'foreigners'.

Foreign Travel

And lastly, this collage emerged from a dream, in which fierce crow totem energy arises to be guardians.  Embraced by the Crow Clan.

Dreamtime Crow Guardians

Friday, May 17, 2019

Thankful for cards - birthday, celebrations, hellos! Cards!!

Since I spend a lot of time 'moving images about' in my collage work, I really like to make 'mini-collages' as cards for my friends and family.  I have designed general cards for holidays and fun for sale at the gallery, but I especially like doing a collage with a specific person in mind.

But what pleases me most about greeting cards, is that they catch my attention, get my focus away from all the other things that are 'more important' or 'have to be done first' before I can spend time noodling around with collage.  Too long may go by that I don't turn my head to creativity and then bam ~ a birthday shows up! Perhaps a need to send get well wish.  Or maybe just a show of support is needed.  Stop the presses on all those other seemingly so important things and play with images, find just the one for just that person. NOW.

Yeppo, cards keep me sane and remind me when it's time to be in my art space.

Here' a few from 2019, so far.  And friends, if your birthday is coming up, your card is not included.

Orange Cake Birthday    

11th Birthday

Get Well  
They Them Theirs Birthday
Butterfly Birthday

Woman Built From Fire