Monday, February 7, 2022

Patsy Cline in Savannah

While in Cedar Key, we met up with some friends and Mary took pictures of a little robot in the restaurant and while we walked along.  Turns out, the robot was a favorite toy of her grandson and Mary took it with her to send photos to him on her travels.  Mary's little photo traveler was inspiring.

For years I have had a button of Patsy Cline on my travel purse and did a Patsy-inspired collage in Savannah in the past and decided my altered image of Patsy would be a perfect photo traveler.  I found Fabulous Fotoforms online and soon enough my laminated, laser cut lovely Patsy Cline met up with me in Savannah.

In 2018 there was a  show called ''Always Patsy Cline' at the Savannah Theatre, which inspired this collage.  I used Mz Patsy in some other collages as well.

Always Patsy - Savannah 2018

The original Patsy image is from an album cover, I believe, and the microphone stand said 'Grand Old Opry'.

Turns out,  Traveler Patsy gets a bit lost in larger backgrounds, so I've taken to doing little 'set ups' of favorite places.

  Patsy Cline arrives at the Fed Ex office

Patsy on the Savannah River Walk

Patsy at The Sentient Bean coffee shop.  The trophy is the table marker for the servers.

           Patsy in the E.Shaver Book Store

Patsy in the Garden of the SCAD Museum of Art -
Savannah Collage of Art and Design


 Patsy at PJ's Thai restaurant. Our favorite and the best Lime Chicken ever.


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