Saturday, December 9, 2023

Patti Smith In Blue and Friends

My health has my main focus right now and I just started radiation therapy, but fortunately, images come my way and inspire me to take time out and go into collage mode.

I'm a fan of Patti Smith, her music, books and her always Patti just being Patti-ness. I came across the three main images in this collage serendipitously on the same day and knew they worked well together. And as I worked on the collage, I felt they all shared a certain life-attitude as well.  Google image search revealed that the red-hatted women was Vita Sackville-West and of course, the Magitte-like image carries his different way of seeing.  The last element I searched for.  It is Arthur Rimbaud, a favorite poet of Patti Smith, which she had just referenced in her 'M Train' book I am reading.  

The back-stories to a work can be interesting, even fun, but in the end, it's the images, the juxtapositions and composition that calls me.


Patti Smith In Blue

Till another time.


  1. As always, I so LOVE this piece! AND I enjoy the backstory and the connections made through the written work and music. It =s art! Thank you Elisabeth! Love the catty-corner cat too! Donna

  2. Jennifer FitzhughDecember 09, 2023

    Love this!

  3. Love seeing your work here, but also love that it’s a great way to settle down during an intense period of radiation therapy. So glad you listen to your body! (Deb)


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