Sunday, August 15, 2021

Mischief Circus Meets Retro Girl and Boyz with Antiques

For many years now, I have found the most wondrous images on a site called Mischief Circus. Always something to inspire, something I hadn't thought of or just the very thing I was looking for.  Additionally, there are fonts, layouts and a myriad of collage-related items.  I feature a link on this site.  But sadly, the Circus in closing it's tent for the very last time. And to say goodbye, they are having a huge sale. The sale ends September 12th, so follow this link - MischiefCircus - to see what's under the tent. 


My friend Jess posted a picture of herself in a vintage prom dress.  Captured me totally and she was happy for me to capture her.

Retro Promenade Collage

This funky 'Antique'-cum-junk store is on a road not close to anything, but when I saw it's great array of varied cement lawn sculptures, I had to stop and take a photo.  The photo's been altered and maybe didn't have quite that many sculptures but there you go.  This one's for Mimi.

Antiques On Route 340 collage


The fellow in the white shirt and tie in front of the car, set this one in motion. Naturally, a crowd followed.

Boyz to Men collage

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