Saturday, August 7, 2021

Retro Girls, Vintage Gals and a Boy

Retro images - 30's to 50's [my version] and Vintage images - 20's and earlier - just speak to me.  I think it's my heritage of old movies and old photos. But I just find a connection. Of course, I like to alter and amp them and add my usual oddities. 

These collages are in the vein of my 'Anonymous Content' work - an image catches my eye and the rest of the collage builds.  For some a title emerges, hence no longer 'anonymous.'  Is there a story to these inspirations?  Not usually. Just evoking a feeling.  If you follow this blog, well, then you know I've shared this all before.  I just love the hours I can spend in these little altered, captured worlds.


Retro Gals At The Pier collage

 The key image here is the pier, which is in Ocean Beach, outside of San Diego.  OB was a favorite get-away place for us for several years.


The Mary Janes Collage

Our vintage lady pals on the right was the key image. A little color and they were ready to dance. Colorful ladies in the tea cup were nursing school graduates.

 A Dog, A Cat & A Chicken Walk Into a Donut

The young lad on the left was the first to arrive. Deserts should appear in Collage World often. And they do.


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