Tuesday, April 11, 2023


It's a glorious Spring day here.  Until now we still have had cold nights, cool mornings and then finally, a warm afternoon.  But today, the day blossomed warm and has been bright throughout.  I don't have a new collage to share, but these two evoke Spring to me.

Nix is a Crow-Hare fairy.  She holds the energy of new beginnings and renewal.

Spring - Nix-Crow Hare Fairy

This collage is perhaps not Spring per se, but Compassion and Endurance are two qualities to bring forth at the time of flowers and trees coming into bloom and new seeds planted.

Spring - Compassion and Endurance

Many of my collages carry and optimistic feel to them. I want to keep my eye turned to a lighter element. The collages of  'place' are filled with associative images, some clear in their association and others not, but often having a fun element within them. I like the 'fun' of adding elements that don't belong - a lime on a roof or a donut in the street. 

But I've noticed there are times the events, the issues, in the world press on me deeply and my creative eye stops; does not turn to brightness nor does it explore the world issues as it overwhelms. So today from that place, I took a breath and  remembered Spring.

Till next time.



  1. Lovely! I particularly love your last paragraph. And I think that first collage needs to go into your show next year ❤️ (Deb)

  2. Green Endurance reminds me of a line from "Sunday Morning " by Wallace Stevens - "nothing endures like April's green endures"🌿

  3. Beautiful! I am inspired!


Thanks for sharing!