Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Black and White and Noir

'Black and White' emerged from a theme prompt for our monthly Members' gallery shows at Shenandoah Valley Arts Center, SVAC.  It's fun to sometimes work with an external prompt. Typically my 'prompts' may come from a single image that attracts me or an emotion or situation which goes in search of images; so an outside prompt sends me down it's own path.


Black and White Collage


Here, the core image of a pensive Bette Davis led the way to this collage.  The prominent male figure is another 1940's era star, Leslie Howard. I colorized and altered both figures from the original black and white photos.  Retro film and images are always a vivid part of my mind's collective.

Dark Night Bette

Till next time.


  1. Love these! The Davis/Howard piece is amazing! And I love the polka dots that anchor the first one, for me. <3 (Deb Booth, Different Light Studio)

  2. ... WONDERFUL ! ...


Thanks for sharing!