Saturday, January 20, 2024

Blue and Gray in Cedar Key

The contrasting architecture in Cedar Key adds to it's charm and always catches my eye.  The island is one walk-about and it's always interesting which building you'll find next to another.

Gray House appealed because of it's simplicity nestled within its trees, with a bit of quirk in its potted plants  The grays of photographer  Imogen Cunningham in her later years, seemed the perfect accent. And she too, embodies a bit of quirk.

Gray House with Imogen collage
Cedar Key series

Blue House is in the grand Victorian style and I believe the building is of an age.  Our retro friends, The Gardiner Accordian Band, are bringing their talents to the fore.

Blue House with Accordians collage
Cedar Key series

Only a short while left here.  Then on to Savannah.

Till next time.

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  1. Another WOW moment and love that each gave me a chuckle! I'm so at home with QUIRKY! Thank You Love!


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