Saturday, October 25, 2008

ZNE Network - Mixed Media & Indie Artists Connected

I recently joined a wonderful online artist group - the ZNE Network. ZNE comes from the Italian word for variation - variaZioNE. This has been my first experience at online networking and it has been just fantastic. How exciting it was to post my images and begin to receive thoughtful, caring, fun comments from other artists. In the Land of ZNE I feel like I entered a magic-filled consciousness of support and people who can see in a similar bent. There’s a lot to explore on ZNE and I hope you do.

Follow-this link to my ZNE home page and be sure to check out all the ‘friends’ shown on My Page. Each of them is a unique artist and several are on – Your Place to Buy and Sell All things Handmade - where you can purchase some special art to have with you.

The image here is Esme. This lovely dancer, with her shoe filled with crytalline beads, is about 9" tall.


  1. Hi there ZNE pal!
    Love your art and your website! Nice to see you here on blgspt too! I am kinda new to blogging, but come on by! Take care.


Thanks for sharing!