Thursday, August 18, 2011

Numeral Girls in Portland

Portland, Oregon is such a vibrant place and, as you know, one of our favorite cities.  So naturally the Numeral Girls want to bring their unique energy to Portland, too.  They're such copy-kats!   All the images are from my own Portland photos. The inside of the lid is the great Portland group, All The Apparatus and they just capture that Portland vibe.  The little red 'imp' on one side of the box is street art I found painted on a wall of a derelict building. There's a close-up below. And should you doubt,  the 'Keep Portland Weird' slogan on the other side is a image of an actual and very popular bumper-sticker.  

Numeral Girls in Portland

Close-up of 'Red Imp' from Portland street art

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stressful times

Sometimes art is the only answer to these stressful times we live in.

This collage was my response to 'too much info', especially too much info that I can't do a damn thing about.


Other times, my own life meets the general stress and I just feel trapped.


Art is the only way to run away without having to leave home.”
- Twyla Tharp

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes the work is just for fun

One of the Art Girls brought these lovely hand-made Italian shoes to the studio.  I used one before in the original white of the shoe.  My friend had an idea to paint her shoe red but in the end it didn't please her, so she passed the shoe along to me.  I sprayed a high glaze on the red shoe, which gave it a ceramic-like finish and changed the character of the shoe.  The porcelain hand fit perfectly - in size, texture and that little off-kilter touch I like.  Red roses, flowers tipped with black, black chain  and the mirror base completes the hard-glaze vibe.

Red Italia

Monday, August 8, 2011

Inner Work Collages

Sometimes the work is just introspective. These collages all use found images.  When working on trying to express an emotional arena, I often find images by googling the topic I am trying to explore, like fear or anger.  The synchronicity of the found images never ceases to amaze me.  I love the feeling of the Multi-verse joining me through the Web.




Integrating Crow Woman