Monday, February 26, 2024

Savannah 2024 Last call. Flowered 'Girls' and their houses

This is my final post from my Winter in Savannah.  I took the photos of both the lovely homes featured in these two collages on different days.  One phots was in my 'possible' folder and the other caught my attention and I went to work on it soon after I got the photo. When I looked in my 'Blog- Collages To Post' folder, I discovered they carried a similar vibe, even though they were not done at the same time.  The houses knew who and what they wanted. 

Yesterday, I walked on the street where the houses are and discovered they were neighbors - almost next door to each other! - one house between them.  I love life's little synchronicities. 

Twin Porches Savannah collage

Flowered Girls at Round House collage
Savannah Series

This is a photo of the houses on Whitaker Street, facing Forsyth Park.

Thank you
for sharing my travels with me.  

Till next time.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Car Guys and the Elegant Lady - Savannah

 These two collages have very different feels, but they are both inspired by the buildings of Savannah and have characters from another era.

Not sure if the Car Spa is still an operating business, but it did have a couple cars parked in the side lot, including the old 'Beamer' featured here. 

CarSpa Savannah collage

The golden yellow doors of this building caught my eye again and again. But our elegant lady claims all the focus. 

Madame Hyacinth in Yellow collage
Savannah series

Till another time.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Anonymous Content Savannah and Emeline

As you may know. I like to take photos of architecture, signage and all sorts of oddments and oddlings.  This collage is a collection of my recent finds in Savannah, including the frisbee player in a tutu and the running little girl in yellow, which while not actually together, were indeed together at the same scene.  I love such serendipities.

Anonymous Content Savannah Collage

I wanted a background from Savannah which would tie all the elements together.  I created it with elements from my photo of the entrance to the Matadora apartment complex.

The Green House stands alone on its block with nothing similar to it; other Victorians, but none quite like this. Pride of place was once the phrase.  I found an actual photo of the Boston Terrier in its delightful crocheted cap, wearing it quite regally, I would say.

Emeline of Green House collage
Savannah series

March will be here too soon, but am glad more wanderings are upcoming.

Till next time.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Yellow and Cherries! Savannah

Our girl in yellow came from a poster I saw in our favorite coffee shop.  I took a photo and waited to find the perfect pairing. Yellow house is totally that pop of color on the street; no need to amplify. Blue house next door is just as bright, but for another time. Yellow makes me happy. As it turns out our Ella here is Ella Rodgers, a young singer who loves songs from other eras. 

Ella At the Yellow House collage
Savannah series

Every day there's a bit of a wander and here, a sit in Forsyth Park, people and dog watching.  The park is well used for strolling, sports - Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Hacky Sack, art and the weekly Farmer's Market.  This year we've seen a group of people offering to write poems for you. Last year, just two guys. It's part of what draws us back to this home away from home.

Sunday Frisbees in Forsyth Park
Love the blow-up sofa!

The River Walk here is a major place to visit; strolling along the Savannah River, hoping to see a large cargo ship pass by.  There are numerous shops and restaurants, and recently the Plant Riverside District,  once housing an old electric plan, extended the area, with more shops, hotels and a concert venue.  I came across these chairs set up for an afternoon outdoor concert. Our Lady of the Red Shoes was being photographed by a friend. Perfect moment for my photo.

Chairs and Cherries collage
Plant Riverside District - Savannah

Georgia Queen Meets Cargo Ship
Riverside Walk - Savannah

Till  next time!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Bradley's Lock and Key ~ 'We Fix Anything But A Broken Heart' Savannah

I love the old store front of Bradley's Lock and Key and it's motto, 'We fix anything but a broken heart.'  I was inspired several years ago by their parking lot sign to do a collage.

This year we went inside and I discovered the true wonders of Bradley Lock and Key - collections of all manner of things everywhere.  This lovely lady was sitting next to the giant bronze frog waiting for her key.  All the colors came together so strongly that, atypical of me, I asked if I could take her photo. I told her it was a perfect collage and she laughed and said yes.   Of course, I've amplified and altered and added elements, but the main image is as I first saw it.

Bradley Lock and Key was founded in 1883 and is the oldest continuous business in Savannah, as well as one of the oldest locksmith shops in the country. I discovered that the location is included in some of the Savannah ghost tours. The family had a connection to Houdini, and naturally people reported the site is haunted by Houdini, as well as many poltergeists and other visitations. It even has it's own Wiki page.

The Princess and the Frog at Bradley Lock and Key collage
Savannah series

We Fix Anything But A Broken Heart collage
Savannah series

Bradley Lock and Key vintage photo

Till next time.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Savannah 2024!

 We commented that Cedar Key, Florida feels like being on vacation, but our place in Savannah feels like our second home. The first floor of a Victorian with a wrap-around porch at the North end of Forsythe park, our perfect location. We like to go to our familiar places and then wander and find new. Perfect for our walk-about nature.

The house here is now empty and being renovated. I was attracted to that white emptiness and liked the pop of color in the sidewalk closed sign. Some interesting characters stopped by.

Dear White House collage
Savannah Series

Who wouldn't take a photo of a building decorated with flowers?  Turns out Gillian Trask is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, and her jewelry is well known.  But it's the flowers that spoke to me.

Gillian's Jewelry Collage
Savannah Series

The wanderings continue!  

Till next time.