Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Our gallery, Shenandoah Valley Art Center, has a monthly theme for the member artists, often a color.  This month the color was Yellow.  Yellow is a favorite color of mine, not in clothing, but in nature and things.  I always respond to Yellow.

My first response to the theme was to recall a collage I had on hand, which features a wonderful yellow-dressed woman.  Synchronistically, the day before I read of the yellow theme, I found another image of a woman in yellow which also inspired me. I then decided to mat both of these in yellow for the gallery theme. Yellow!

But Yellow had caught my mind, so I continued on with the Yellow theme.  I have a feeling what has emerged as a Yellow series will continue on.  You can't beat a color that always makes you smile.

Yellow Gothic collage

Yellow Spoke Her Name collage

Imagine Inventing Yellow collage

Yellow Hearted collage
inspiration from Kara Bullock Art