Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Out and About in the 'Boro

I don't know if people really call our town, 'the 'Boro', but I like the ring.  My 'regional' collages have a fare share of  'hometown' favorites and these are the latest.

Willy's Ice Cream is a long time popular landmark.  Founded in 1995, it occupies a corner of a shopping center parking lot, closes for the winter and has a wonderful retro feel. And yes, the ice cream is great.


Willy's Ice Cream - Waynesboro series


This house has caught my eye before, but recently while driving by, the light was on it just so and I said to my husband, 'Stop the car! Pull over!' and I jumped out and got some shots.

White House on Main - Waynesboro Series

Till another time.


Saturday, May 13, 2023

Painting It Orange with Jess

I've featured Jess in more than a few of my collages; usually inspired by interesting and wonderful photos she herself posts.  Jess is an artist and owns a nifty shop and studio called Paint It Orange.  We've been talking about a little upcoming collaboration, so I've been looking at images of Orange, VA

Jess was indeed working on her car in this photo with the wrench, but more automobiles joined the party.

Auto-Matic Jess collage


Current collaged travels to Orange...

On Main Street collage - Orange, VA

Alices At Mayhurst collage - Orange, VA

Paint It Orange collage - Orange, VA

I lived in Orange in the mid-70's to '80's with my former husband, Perry.  Jess' father, Bill - also an artist - was  a good friend of ours and grew up in Orange. Bill and Perry still do all sorts of projects together.  Bill and his wife Nancy are part of the Rockfish Gallery.  Here is a favorite self-portrait of Bill, which lives in my front hall.


Self-Portrait - Bill Walters


Till next time.



Saturday, May 6, 2023

Fish and Frida

These two collages began with a single moment - coming upon a quote and having an image appear in a news stream.

I laughed out loud when I saw the bumper sticker- 'fish control my brain'.  I assume it is related to the actual act of fishing, as it was on a car in the parking lot by our river walk, but it just stayed with me.  Yes, fish controlled my brain.

Fish Control My Brain collage

I hadn't seen this particular image of Frida Kahlo before and it truly spoke to me. The spacious window felt a perfect expansive backdrop to the concentration of  her while painting, while the aged brick wall, seemed a perfect edgy foil to her things. 

In 2012, Frida's closet was opened after 58 years. Her husband Deigo Rivera had it locked upon her death.  An exhibit was mounted at Frida's home, Casa Asul - the Blue House, and now the Frida Kahlo museum.  Like so many, Frida is an icon of mine and a regular theme and I've used items from 'the closet' in other collages.

Frida Painting Among Her Things collage 

Till another time.