Monday, August 31, 2015

Anonymous Content - Free Form Collages

It's been a very stressful couple of months.  A dear Elder friend had a emergency hospitalization, which turned her life upside-down, ending up with her moving into assisted living.   My husband and I have had to step in and manage all the changes.  In all this, down-time was devoted to just 'chilling' and energy for creativity waned.

But through the stress, I collected images.  I liked to sit with my tablet in various waiting rooms and in the evening and check out Pinterest, FaceBook and other sources for images, saving them to my tablet gallery.  After awhile I occurred to me that I had all these images and I could do a focused free-form collage.

In the past, when I was creatively stuck or without a definite theme, I would use the creative device of taking magazines and using images only from that source to make a collage.  It is a freeing way to work, although different from an inner-theme driven piece.

So I proceeded to use only the collected Gallery photos for these collages.  I was inspired to call them 'Anonymous Content ' collages by the oddling tv show, Mr Robot.  'Anonymous Content' is their production company and one night the title just caught my eye and felt so apropos for this type of collage work.  

Creativity finds a way.

Anonymous Content

Anonymous Content 2

Anonymous Content 3

Anonymous Content 4