Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So what have I been doing?

Rightfully, I'm not a very good blogger, as blogs are meant to be. It's been pointed out to me that months between postings isn't in the true spirit of blogging, but this seems to be my rhythm. So perhaps I shall call this my Altered E Art Bulletin Board or Postcard or Hey, Here I Am Again. In any event, if anyone is out there, I hope you enjoy my occasional postings.

Awhile ago I found some wonderful wire torsos that were meant for decor in and of themselves. Naturally, they called out to me to hang things on them, to festoon them, glue them and who knows what else.

Mimi in Metal was inspired by and was for my heart-daughter Mimi. It evokes things she is interested in, travel, sewing and things I just liked and hope she would do. She's does have her own metallic edge and I thought she's appreciate the whole things.

I liked her piece so much that I went torso-seeking again and found found one for myself. In the process of working on this piece I rediscovered an craft-thing from my childhood - Shrinky Dinks. Back in the day, you could draw on the special plastic, bake it and get little 'tokens' of your drawing. Today you can print images from your PC with your ink-jet printer, bake it and get an array of plastic images. I had a delightful time creating tokens from my vintage doll-head images. The ShrinkyDink really shrinks down and I found that 4" square images became 1" doll heads. But I love how they hang within and decorate this torso. Shrinky Dinks are now a new tool in the studio. Nice use of my collection of doll arms too.

And while I was having fun with these metal art items, I found
this wonderful cup, which presented itself as the perfect foil for a gift for my dear friend, Helen at her 81st birthday - A Cup of Possibilities.