Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Birds of Paradise to Cozmic Con

I came across a trove of vintage gowns in my images, from the 30's to mid-50's, so naturally I began to edit and amplify them.  Eventually one green one found it's way into my collage canvas and we were off. The wonderful core green figure with an apple was actually labeled 'Who Am I?' and eventually our man in yellow became a highlight.  The vintage floral background with bird gave the title.


Birds of Paradise Collage


This just-for-fun collage was inspired by a photo my friend Jess posted of her and her children at a Comic Con event.  The background is mostly just as it is in the original photo, with some edits.  The costumes are all theirs, with a bit of amplification.  Donuts and fruit bonus additions.

Cozmic Con Jess collage

Came across this fantastic vintage Ferrangamo shoe. Our 1928 Photoplay cover girl is a perfect match, along with her glamorous friend, meeting up at the bar of the Hotel Mayfair.

Ferrangamo 1928 collage

Till next time.