Friday, November 1, 2013

More collage - free form and color themed

Once a month, three friends and I get together for 'Art Day'.  Everyone works on their own project and we hang out, have lunch and have the fun of working with other people's energies in the surround.  

This month I really didn't find any focus, so I decided to do what I call free-formyet, controlled collages, using the old-school cut and paste method.  The artistic device is to use only found images that are already in my scrap image baskets or in magazines and further, to paste each image as I find it.  Typically with my digital collages, I am usually following a theme or inspiration and collect a lot of images, which I then alter, extract etc and spend a lot of time playing with placement. 

The free-form collages feel like they use a different part of the brain, a different energy.  And the theme always emerges after the first couple images, never before.  When you're at loose ends for inspiration, try it and see where you go. 

Untitled1 Free-Form collage

Untitled2 - Free Form collage

Also in free-form found image mode.  I was in the studio and noticed this little set-up that emerged on a shelf.  I had arranged two items near each other and the yellow wall behind them created a single image. Cool! Camera please.  I then simply filled in the yellow of the wall as a background in the photo and a 'collage' was born.

Tiny Town Theatre - collage with assemblage

You never know what will inspire you.  I recently got some new shoes in a wonderful acid green.  I wore them with some bright socks, looked down while on my morning walk and said, I need to do a New Shoe collage!  I love the color so much, I was drawn to once again, [as in PINK!] do the collage in a color-theme. I get a kick out of being driven by the color.  My friend Perry at Folly Productions once said that he would have liked to work for Sesame Street, because he thought working in a specific theme, like the number 8, could actually be a very creative endeavor.  I get sense of that when working in a color-focused mode. I even just googled 'green things' and that captured the bowler hat with the bright green apple - a homage to the famous Magritte painting, The Son of Man. The title comes from husband Dennis' response to the idea of a new shoe collage.

New Shoe Gai Pan digital collage