Friday, January 28, 2022

Artists, Donuts and Mermaids in Cedar Key

Our Cedar Key stay is coming to a close and even though we've been here awhile, it still feels too short.

A tiny town that sports two art galleries is a special place.  The Cedar Keyhole Artist Co-Op  was established in 1977 and continues to thrive.

Co-Op Artistry ~ Cedar Key

You can find quite a few lovely Victorian-style homes in Cedar Key, with their 'gingerbread' trim and sometimes vivid accent colors, like this 2nd Street beauty.  Although bright yellow cakes may not be typical, cats abound on the key.

Donut, Coffee & Cake on 2nd Street ~ Cedar Key

We spend most of our time on walk-abouts through town.  I had a lovely conversation with the owner of Blue House, which she described as always a 'work in progress'.  All the plant features and house/yard art are there, albeit 'adjusted' a bit.  She told me she discovered Cedar Key from a Jimmy Buffet song which mentions going down to Cedar Key and then a series of mysteries set in Cedar Key - which I myself read the first year we stayed here.

689 Blue House ~ Cedar Key

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Motorcycles in Cedar Key

 Cedar Key is a very popular in-state weekend and day trip kind of place.  It is usually very laid back here in January but this year, we have seen more people than ever, especially on the weekends. And a big part of those visitors are people on motorcycles.  Usually they travel together through town in groups and suddenly the two main drags - 2nd Street and Dock Street - are lined with bikes. So, of course, photos must be taken! Raven the Dog often greets people and that is his special Raven Xing sign.

2nd Street Motorcycles ~ Cedar Key

Searching for the vintage images for 2nd street, led me to a lot of images of biker girls in the 1940's, who perfect matched these vintage buildings in Cedar Key.

Biker Girls 1946 ~ Cedar Key

A couple years ago, this vintage trailer was an art studio and purveyor of a favorite Cedar Key product, a dip made with the local Mullet fish. There was a great sign on the road,  'Fine Art & Smoke Mullet'. It's in a section of town called Kiss Me Quick, which I was told because a  railroad once came here.  But in 2022, it's still there but empty and unused and the assemblage mermaid used to be on the roof and now lounges on the front porch.  Deb  Booth's wonderful Hibiscus is featured and in the motorcycle mode, this orange beauty was seen about town.


Arted Trailer ~ Kiss Me Quick ~ Cedar Key


I hope you enjoy these travel collages. Focusing in collage is a wonderful part of traveling for me and fun to share.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes ~ adieux Ronnie

I grew up in Philadelphia with Motown, DooWop and oldies from the 50's as my contemporary music through our fabulous local DJ, Jerry Blavat, the 'Geater With the Heater'.  He is still spinning records and sharing the history of music on his weekly radio show on WXPN, the University of Pennsylvania radio station.  You can listen to and download his weekly shows here.

The Ronettes were one of my favorite groups and like so many, 'Be My Baby' was huge part of my teen soundscape, along with all their songs.

As it turned out in later years, I can to learn  that Ronnie was also a powerful survivor of her difficult marriage to record producer Phil Spector; found her way out and through and shared her voice on her own terms for the rest of her life. She passed away on 1.12.22.  As shared on her website, 'Her joyful sound, playful nature and magical presence will love on in all she knew, heard or saw her.'

Ronnie Spector 1.12.22 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

More from Cedar Key 2022

There's been cold, snow, and a broken water main at home, but weather here in Cedar Key has been perfect. Warm and sunny. Just what we came for; perfect for our long walks around town.

Post-walk afternoons are a great time for looking through the many photos taken on those walks and seeing which inspires what. I especially like working with the sound of the Gulf coming in.

Island Arts Gallery is a favorite of ours and many pieces have come back to Virginia with us over the years. Here, Ladies of the 1940's concur.

Island Arts Galley 2022~ Dock Street ~ Cedar Key

Dock Street is their second location since we've been coming to Cedar Key.  This is a collage from the 2nd Street location. Some of my Cedar Key collages have become 'historical', as they are of places or businesses no longer here.

Arts if Cedar Key ~ 2nd Street ~ Cedar Key

Kayaking is big here. The Gulf is mostly calm and there are many inlets and waterways a kayak is perfect for.  Kayaks are available for rent at the beachfront and their colors always catch my eye and the retro bathing gals agree.

Kayak Gals ~ Cedar Key

Cedar Key is full of island cottages with colors and colored accents, and as you can tell, I now have a collection of pink accent fish.  

Route 24 House, is the perfect foil to still another Deb Booth creation, the lovely Peony. We have had fun being collaborative across the miles.

Route 24 House ~ Cedar Key

As always, thanks for looking. 


Thursday, January 6, 2022

Cedar Key again! 2022 Winter Trip

 For many years we have traveled south in January & February and Cedar Key, Florida is our first destination.  We were last here in 2020 and came home in March to a changed world.  2021 we stayed in our Waynesboro cocoon.  Immunized, boostered and flu shot too; with masks along for the ride and good friend Deb watching over the home front, we decided to venture out. 

Cedar Key is a small, funky what is called 'Old Florida' town on the Gulf coast in north central Florida. It boasts two art galleries, some restaurants, great old-style architecture and nature preserves.  Fishing, kayaking, birding are the main things - none of which we personally do, but for us Cedar Key is perfect for just  being, less doing and a deck that faces the gulf.

Dock Street, facing the Gulf ~ Cedar Key

But while I'm 'off the grid' in many ways, I have been spending time do collage while I look at the Gulf.  Everything here - especially the buildings, obviously - inspires me and I'm just having art-ing fun.

1 Old Mill Drive ~ Cedar Key

The wonderful  Beta fish on the left is the inspiration of this piece.  I think the house at 1 Old Mill Drive was the perfect background.  The Beta is quilled art created by Deb Booth. She often inspires me in so many ways.  You can check her art out at Different Light Studio

Beach Front Buddha ~ Cedar Key

The Cedar Key Beach Front Motel is actually the intense pink you see here, although a bit amplified in the collage. And the Buddha is indeed under the tree.  

The Prickly Palm ~ Cedar Key

The Prickly Palm is a new place to me, serving smoothies and acai bowls. I felt the extravagant fruit dish was a perfect accompaniment and the happy dog just caught my eye. I think his name is Sam. 

The Lizard House ~ Cedar Key

The Lizard House does indeed have an artful lizard on it, but he's been a bit amplified here. And if there is one flamingo, then naturally a flock should assemble.

Till next time.