Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Urban Woods and Sad Hope

I seem to have two versions of my 'Regional' collages.  The outer landscape regions, based literally on the local area and the architecture and the inner regions, emerging from my own interior landscape and the mystical, totemic ones I'm attracted to and resonate with.

Urban Woods was anchored in the image of the woman; her dark cap brought crow feathers to mind. The context I found her in had nothing to do with woods, but the intense dark green of  her dress and her stance, evoked for me the sense of trees and crows; urban woods, not pastoral.

Urban Woods collage

Sad Hope carries just that. A sense of sadness, a touch of worry and overwhelm, with an element of hope that things will move on, a hint of transformation; sheltered from the rain.

Sad Hope Collage


My astrologer sister, Jacqui, often commented on the many 'two aspects' I have in my life; some seemingly paradoxical.  She said it was because I was born at  High Noon on a Full Moon. Sure, I'll got with that. It's in the stars.  Or maybe it's just art.


 Till  next time.


Bye they way, I appreciate the lovely comments I receive about my posts.  I have tried numerous times to get them to populate into the blog space, but so far I've not been successful. But they are forwarded to my email. They often light up my inbox.  Thank you.