Saturday, June 22, 2019

Out and About, Birthdays, Foreign Travel and Fierce Crows!

The post title says it all about this little collection.

Inspired by the Charlottesville, VA downtown walk mall. Recently saw Randy Rainbow at the Paramount and the still-old-school Nook, a long-time personal favorite.

The Paramount Theatre - Charlottesville VA

The Nook - Charlottesville, VA

Dear Friend Perry celebrated his 80th birthday. This is a celebration for him with some of his most wonderful accomplishments. The background is one of Perry's own drawings.

Perry @ 80

This started out as an 'Anonymous Content' collage, where I begin with no theme and let the images direct the flow.  The central image of the men led the way. And since it's a picture of the group Foreigner, the focus and title emerged.  They chose that name because the group was formed in the US, but two members were British and they thought in either the US or Britain, some of them were 'foreigners'.

Foreign Travel

And lastly, this collage emerged from a dream, in which fierce crow totem energy arises to be guardians.  Embraced by the Crow Clan.

Dreamtime Crow Guardians