Tuesday, December 6, 2011

She was often gripped with the desire to be elsewhere

Travel - just love it and am fortunate to have it in my life.  But when I'm not traveling my art often expresses it in one way or another.  'She was often gripped with the desire to be elsewhere' came to me on a postcard  from my friend Francine which she sent to me in 1982.  I came across it this year, altered it with amped-up color, and it has inspired several pieces and the image and sentiment has become part of my repeated image repertoire.  The black&white photo on the original postcard is credited to photographer Marcia Resnick, who I was most pleased to discover anew on the web.

This assemblage includes many of my repeated features - collage, doll heads and parts, tiny globes & compasses, alpha blocks and the usual this and that.  Big Ben and a replica vintage box camera make an appearance.  And the vintage travel posters and luggage stickers in the collage naturally include many places I have actually traveled to.  You might note that Audrey Hepburn is traveling along on the wonderful Vespa she made famous in the 1953 film, Roman Holiday, with Gregory Peck. In this piece, Gregory makes his appearance with Audrey on the Vespa on the side.

 I don't know when I actually saw Roman Holiday for the first time - probably on television - but I definitely remember coveting a Vespa thereafter.  Not to mention thinking of my own trip to Rome one day.  Audrey on that Vespa was truly an icon of the free spirit to me.

Gripped with the Desire To Be Elsewhere

Inside View
Back View

Audrey & Gregory zip on the Vespa