Thursday, May 8, 2014

Freestyle collage and Tim's Vermeer

I've been free-styling with collage.  One device is to use traditional cut and past collage, with  images from one source, this case a New Yorker magazine.  I also require myself to paste the images as I find them, which lets the whole develop in a somewhat different way than I typically work.

 It is interesting to me to have a 'forced' focus in which the overall concept of the piece emerges, if there is one.  The New Yorker piece are pleasing images and shapes to me, a concept here is unformed.

New Yorker Magazine  collage

Now I've tried a digital version.  The device here was to use only images I had saved to my tablet or images in my 'To File' folder. I allowed freedom of placement in this one.  I began with the Van Gogh boys, which was a clever Halloween costume for the two brothers.  But once I found the Jackpot Motel image [which is a photo from the famous Las Vegas neon sign boneyard]. the 'retro' theme emerged more strongly.  Obviously, I'm attracted to retro images, as all of these were on hand.

Jackpot Motel collage

This may not come to a theater near you, but I'm sure eventually it will stream somewhere.  We are a wonderfully obsessive species. Check it out.