Saturday, October 16, 2021

A Room of One's Own Meets Purple Mischief in The Golden Age

These collages were not done in a sequence and yet they do seem to travel well together. 

Here I've composed an altered/alternate view of my office/studio The little horse is vintage plaster ware and he is known as Tony the Pony.  My compatriot in this collage is, of course, Frida Kahlo.  I altered her Blue House studio, added one of my favorite paintings to the easel and incorporated one of my favorite Fridas.

A Room Of One's Own

Purple Mischief has a All Hallows Eve feel and is perfect for an October post,  but they were just all the odd elements I was attracted to when it was created.  Halloween elements are an all-around vibe in this house.

Purple Mischief

Golden Age joins the Halloween vibe, and has many dark elements, as it were,  but it too was composed in a season of it's own.


Golden Age