Thursday, January 21, 2016


Sarasota is famous for it's beaches and upscale shopping out on the Keys, but being in search of the urban walking experience, we are exploring from our base in the historic, and a bit more funky, neighborhood of Laurel Park and close to downtown.  The area is replete with homes built in the 1920:s.  Cottages, Mediterranean Revival - all the styles that grab my attention. 

Nearby Burns Court is another great area and it sports a block of homes that were among the first built to draw travelers to Sarasota, most built between 1925-26.

In any event, from the elegant to the funky, something about cottages by the sea really floats my boat [corny pun absolutely intended!].  And although I've only done a few collages here, as the weather has been nice with no rainy-stay-inside-days, I have many photos on hand to keep me happily collage-ing

How could one not photograph this wonderful mural!


Mid-century modern in beachy colors!

Murray Homes

The mosaic shoe as planter was sitting on a porch railing, but not of this great red doored cottage. It was an actual shoe embellished and was on the porch of a tile shop. Warning- shoe is not true to size!

Shoe House

In thinking of my love of "beachy, I recalled the first beach cottage my family stayed in that I actually remember, not just from photographs. It was a white cottage with sea blue trim and a white picket fence - a Mrs. Treft's.  We rented her upstairs apartment.  I was so fortunate to spend at least two weeks every summer of my childhood 'down the shore', at Wildwood, N.J.  There is a photo of me at just 3 months old on the beach.  This fisher-girl-with-Dad photo is one of my favorites and one most evocative of being, as we said,  "down the Shore".  I send appreciation to my parents out in the Cosmos,

At the shore


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cedar Key Redux

Cedar Key continues to fill me with color and whimsy.  And although the weather has been a bit cold and windy, it affords me to time to collage while looking out at palm trees and the Gulf.

This collage is a perfect capture of Cedar Key.  The three main elements - the flamingo, the funky Tiki bar sign and the Pirate cottage are all pretty much as you see them.  Of course, I did amplify the overall color of the composite image, but they all started out intensely colorful.  Even the large yellow flower was found painted on a building. Happy.Happy.

Pirate Flamingo Tiki Bar - Oh My

My favorite restaurant in town is Steamers They're open every day and have a wide variety of food. We've taken to eating at the bar, hanging in the locals vibe.  The uber-competent and very nice bartender is a joy to watch as she handles drinks, food and more and perfect pours of Guinness.  And it is yet another colorful building.


I first started collecting octopi images because my son likes them, but I've developed my own affection for them.  Tentacles add a nice frisson to things.

Far Away Inn provided another wonderfully painted exterior as a background.  Now the repeated image motif is fashion dolls instead of paper dolls. And everyone liked pie.


Now you just have to be intrigued when you come upon a sign that says "Fine Art & Smoked Mullet."  Following the sign down the road presented me with this great art house trailer, complete with its own Lady on the roof.  Alas, it was not open - and has yet to be open - , so neither fine art nor mullet was to be had.  This is the sign that got my attention, but it is actually on the main road in town.  And the 'sushi' is candy sushi, with a Gummy fish on top.

Fine Art & Smoked Mullet

Smoked Mullet and a dip made from it is a local favorite here.  I purchased some dip at a nearby Winn Dixie.  Very weird.  The dip had pimentos and mayonnaise and eggs in it, so in the end this brand tasted like Pimento cheese spread gone bad.  That's enough fish adventure for me. Better as art.

Smoked Mullet Dip

Dockside Motel at night has a very noir feel to it.  Our mystic guest has left the building.

Dock Side Motel

Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie - 1947-2016

An archetype of creativity, freshness and innovation left us today.

David Bowie 1947-2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cedar Key - Old Florida

Cedar Key is one of my favorite places.  It's a laid-back, funky little island town. friendly, casual, on the Gulf.  Colorful enough to sport two art galleries and award-winning clam chowder.  There is a big clam growing industry here and the Cedar Key clams are the sweetest, most tender I've ever had. A perfect place to chill out, release stress and  just 'be', especially in Winter,  And in that, lots of open-ended time to noodle around with photos and images to my heart's content, especially on cooler, cloudy, windy days.

The view from our screened porch is a wonderful Live Oak and then the Bay.  Perfect.

Live Oak - Cedar Key

There are a lot of colorful buildings here, folk art signage and lawn art - just what inspires me. Happy am I. And although I love the water and marshlands and bird sanctuary, the first thing that caught my eye for a collage was this funky jeep.


We pass the Far Away Inn everyday, full of murals, yard art and welcoming rainbow flags.  And yes, the 'Judys" are paper dolls of a young Judy Garland.  The 'Let Us Be - We're Alive sign is also from the Far Away Inn artist.

Far Away Inn Judys

Let Us Be

There's not much of a beach here, but kayacking and boating is popular, The door to beyond featured here is from one of our favorite breakfast joints, Away From the World Cafe.  The name comes from a Dave Matthews song and the only music they play in the place is the Dave Matthews Band. 


Cedar Key has a small airport owned by the county.  Small enough that there is no control tower.  It was built during WWII for air/sea rescue and then given to the county.  Apparently the runway arrow had been recently painted, giving me this stark shot. As usual. all my original photos have been amplified, altered  and the colors saturated.

Into The Wild Blue