Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Another Image Palette

When things get stressful, my art self seems to hunker down.  She'll arise for special occasions, birthday, celebrations and the like - 'Time to make a card!', but otherwise I sit with a blank digital canvas and after awhile, go look at cute animals on the internet.

I was drawn to do some free-form collages for an art journal, and got the cover going in my usual style, but still had the 'blank canvas block'.

Terms of Use collage

Then I got my weekly email from Mischief Circus and was inspired by their image collections. Many of the images are more Victorian-ish or gothic that my typical Retro, saturated colors, hyper-realism palette. It came to me that it might be an interesting device to do some work only in this other image language. And indeed, it has been refreshing, another travel.  Hope you like the trip as well. Bi-lingual!

Withdraw collage

Guardian collage

Sad Hope collage

She Need A Little Travel collage