Monday, December 20, 2021

Winter Moon at the Solstice Before Christmas

It's cold today, reminding me that Winter is actually here. I saw the Moon full and bright in the morning sky. I always find 'day' moons give me a mystic feeling, a sense of magic. I came across the face in our Winter Moon in a high-fashion photo campaign for winter fashion, all the clothing was white and her makeup had a stylized white patina.  I recognized her as linked to the Winter Solstice. I further amplified the wintry glow and began to build a winter gown for her.  Ice, snowflakes, white winter flowers and more.  Dashes of silver.   Originally, I thought she was the Moon to the Sun of Solstice, but once I found the image of the moon, which is an actual NASA photo of the moon, I felt no, she is of the Winter Moon itself.

Winter Moon

But a Solstice collage still called me and I especially wanted to do one for my dear friend Michael.  I found the wonderful Sun figure in another high-fashion photo. His golden oranged hair saying Sol!  Our Winter Woman is a construction of images. For me they stand perfectly in their Moon and Sun Wood, aligned to the Solstice symbol.

Winter Solstice Wood


Christmas echoes the past for me. And in that retro sense,   this is my favorite Christmas collage of all.


 Wishing all of you all good things now and in the new year!