Friday, January 11, 2013

Gifts of Art, Gifts For Art

I received some perfect gifts!  Art. Totems. And something to make art with.  Lucky me!!  My friends truly were seeing me when they created and found these gifts.

Harmonize by Rachel

Vintage Camera Box

Skull & Crow Salt & Pepper Shakers - Crow Totem!

Sometimes art just takes the moment and starts happening.  Naturally, I love that. I was dying some clothing in the washer and to do this, you have to watch the timing and do the wash cycle several times. The washer is in my basement studio, so while waiting I spied the vintage camera box.  I then found the doll head and we were off.  The piece de resistance for me was the old tire gauge - perfect. Me being me, a nice doll hand and arm were essential. Add a numeral ball, word in crystal and broken wooden rulers and pencils, a vintage toy tin spoon I've been waiting to use, some tiny watch gears and a kinda vintage-kinda steam punk thing emerged.  I especially liked the mini-window frames.  The scene on the outside window is the inside of a 19th century factory.  The inside window is of the blue sky.  First piece of 2013.

Camera Gauge Box assemblage