Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Fall, Yellow, the Joans and Thankfulness

Today is a very crisp Fall day and here, the leaves of color are almost gone.  But it was a very vibrant Fall indeed, which inspired this collage.  Here we have one of my fairy creatures, Nix - the Crow-Hare fairy speaking as Fall.  You've seen her before as Spring.

Mythical beings often show up in my work.  I feel the presence of  Other.  Archetypal images populate most of my collages, from my point of view.  Retro images, retro people,people of different looks and styles, architecture, things and so forth, always carry a wider meaning than the image itself.  At least that is the feeling for me as I am drawn to them and find the juxtapositions that speak to me.

Fall - Nix, Crow-Hare Fairy collage

These two collages were a surprise to me.  After I recovered from a recent surgery, I found them in a folder labeled 'Working Collage', patiently waiting to complete, as I had forgotten them.

The very early, late 1920's image of Joan Crawford was the first image that caught my eye.  But we travel in these images up to the present day, with Tami Neilson rocking her retro look.

Retro Joans Collage


The fantastic yellow gown anchored this piece, joined, again,  by women of various eras.

Yellow Mayfair Collage


And Fall closes with Thanksgiving.  Whatever your feelings about the heritage of this holiday, I like to embrace it in its fullest spirit - a day of gathering and anchoring in thankfulness.  Why not?  

Thanksgiving - Mindful Gratitude Collage

Till next time.