Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shifts, Challenges and I'll Be Off-the-Grid for Awhile

It's been an interesting time indeed. And life's interesting times can also evoke art. Since April I've reached a new place about diet, health and the body.Of course, work that seems to focus on the outer, always begins with work on the inner. And in that I got in touch with another aspect of my inner strength and wisdom. I think of it as 'aligned will'. So this piece is Shouting Out Will and Wisdom and has served has a strong totem for me.

But life continues to ask us to be fluid. When one thing comes into alignment, another may shift and still more alignments need to evolve. I have a challenge in my life right now that calls for my attention, my willingness to be in life just as it is, my capacity to listen within and be present. All of that came to me as a kind of fierceness, a Warrior energy - warrior as a great protector, one who faces all challenges, one asks, 'What does this moment require?' and listens to what may come as the answer.

She may be fierce in her focus. She may carry a sword to cut through illusion and fear. But she is surrounded with earth energies. Crystals of many sorts, holding the energies of compassion, balance, grounding and transformation. Her feathers hold the energy of the Crow Clan and other spirit animals. She sits upon rock and even carries shards of ancient pottery to remember that we are all of an ancient clan.

So life has grabbed my attention and I'll be off-the-grid from typical things and literally off-line for awhile.