Saturday, January 27, 2018

Roots Up Gallery ~ Savannah 2018

A trip to Roots Up Gallery is always on my Savannah To-Do-List. As described on its website, it is a place celebrating Southern Folk Art, Local & Regional Artists...with Unique Finds from Creative

I had a bit of a shock when my first foray revealed that the gallery was no longer there! But Google happily revealed that they had simply moved and their new space was terrific and only a few blocks from our place here.

Last year my fondness of Roots Up prompted a collage of their old Liberty Street shop and as you can see Patsy Cline is a fan too. You can check out the whole post here.

I am also once again a most fortunate gal because my husband got me an early birthday gift ~ a most wonderous Frida Kahlo inspired piece by Reverend Johnny Ace.  This is my second piece by the Reverend from Roots Up ~ which was last year's birthday gift.  Happiest Birthdays to me!

Frida Kahlo & Her Monkey With Elvis On Their Minds
by Reverend Johnny Ace

Frida will surely compliment all the crowd from Rock and Roll Heaven.

Everyday Scenes of  Rock and Roll Heaven
by Reverend Johnny Ace

You can follow Roots Up on Facebook.  In my 2017 post, I mentioned  Betty Nathan, a Savannah assemblage artist who lived well into her 80's.  Roots Up was curating many pieces from Miss Betty's life-long collection and the first show is coming up, so I'll be checking Facebook on this one myself.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Found Images~Savannah

Savannah has a lot of art - in galleries, on walls, 'artsy' signage. It's kind of like old-school radio, finding a great tune that you weren't looking for or knew about - it just pops up.

These first two collages are based on images that 'popped up'. 

The "As Seen On TV' image was not in a gallery, but in the hallway of  SCAD building.  I was attracted to the TV bit and took photos through the glass.  The dot background was part of the original wall. but taking the photo through the glass distorted everything and when I amplified the colors I got the background you see in the collage.  The Pay Here and Dot signs are actual Savannah signs.  Dot is a free bus around time and Pay Here is a public parking lot.  The woman is a docent at the SCAD museum,  She just seemed so perfect as a perky student docent that I asked to take a picture. The docents carry tablets to show you more info about the installations. I colorized her skirt for this piece.

As Seen On TV collage ~ Savannah

Found Art collage is just that.  The background is a photo of a part of the well-collaged bathroom from a favorite coffee shop, Gallery Espresso.    The photo is amplified and tweaked a bit.  The vintage people seemed a perfect counterpoint.

Found Art Collage ~ Savannah

The Vintage Ladies incorporate another kind of found image.  I was googling about Victorian architecture in Savannah and found the hand-tinted photo of the Lovely Ladies, as well as a vintage postcard of the Lovely Suited Ladies.  Thank you Google.  The background is the famous fountain, built in 1858, in Savannah's well-known Forsyth Park.  I can't truly attest that these are ladies of Savannah, but they are now.

Vintage Ladies of Savannah collage

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Savannah too

I have an association to Patsy Cline and Savannah.  Last year I found a great Patsy Cline badge, which I took to wearing on my little travel purse.  I lost the badge just a week or so ago in Florida, but went back to the Savannah bookstore where I purchased it and happily found another. The only one left in the basket!  She is now more securely ensconced upon the purse.

The other day I came upon the grand Savannah theatre and there on  the marquee is Always Patsy Cline, a musical featuring her music. The old-school marquee and theatre sign truly needed to be a collage.  And yes, these are Patsy's boots a'walking through.

Always Patsy Cline collage ~ Savannah

I rarely take photos of people, but these two Ladies caught my eye across the Square. Their colors seemed so impressionistic and they seemed to be laughing with each other,  I like the idea of them sharing Shoney's Hot Fudge Cake together. The cabbage plant flowers were another Savannah photo find.

Two Ladies collage ~ Savannah

Monday, January 22, 2018

Savannah 2018

I'm happy again to be spending time in Savannah - a lovely, vibrant city with a touch of funk.  It's home to SCAD ~ Savannah College of Art and Design, which brings an emphasis on art and a great energy from its students I appreciate.  SCAD has also been instrumental in rescuing and restoring many buildings in Savannah and it is now part of its mission.

Savannah is most known for its many parks and squares, lovely green spaces with old live oaks and other trees and plantings,  and its beautiful old architecture.  But my eye is drawn to the off-beat and other.

I came across both these properties in the same block on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Fortunate I am.  There is renovation going on in the building they are in and I hope they're funky-ness will continue to have a home there.

Obviously  Kustom Hustle Tattoo has a most eclectic shop and apparently that same sensibility is present in the great reputation for ink.

Kustom Tattoo collage ~ Savannah

The Lion and Bear were hanging out on MLK.  The Tiger joined in.  The COA sign is ubiquitous in the Historic District. Certificate of Appropriateness.  Hearings and approvals have to be given for renovations, signage, etc.  I am not sure I would always be deemed appropriate.

Lions Tigers & Bears ~ Oh My! collage ~ Savannah
The Universe Trading Company had all the odd treasures you would imagine and many were surprisingly inexpensive but alas nothing called my name.  Yet.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More from Cedar Key Florida

Although it's the 'Old Florida' architecture that captures my eye in photos and collage, Cedar Key is a place of wonderful natural beauty.  We typically end every walk-about through town with a walk by the Gulf edge, the docks and by the small beach.  There are so many birds here.  This year we live by a flock of Roseate Spoonbills. An Osprey likes a perch right off our deck. And the Brown Pelicans are ubiquitous.  

The 1842 Daily Grind is a great addition to life in Cedar Key and the only place to get a cappucino or latte, with superior brewed coffee as well. Add to this an excellent and unique breakfast and lunch menu and it's a special place.  My personal favorite thing is the retro phonograph spinning vinyl, which I've featured in the collage. Johnny Mathis, Tom Jones ballads & Edie Gorme.  No actual octopi were on the roof last I looked.

1842 Daily Grind~ Not The Country Store collage ~ Cedar Key

Island Arts is one of two galleries in Cedar Key. Cedar Key Keyhole gallery is just  a wander down the block. We always find a treasure in Cedar Key.  And although I've amplified the colors, the bright turquoise and green facade definitely was collage calling.

Island Arts~Cedar Key

Cedar Key Pizza is just the best. Unique pan pizzas loaded with toppings.  A tiny carry-out they're well organized and set up to make pizza. Great to watch them at work.

I am usually attracted to the Coastal colors,  but I came upon this abandoned cottage and just felt the past within it.  

Bygone Cottage~Cedar Key

It was colder here this trip - the 2018 freeze came this far, but the cozy inside warm-up time made a nice space for collage.  The silver lining.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cedar Key Florida Redux 2018

Fortunate gal me, I am back in Cedar Key once again. This funky Gulf-Coast, or as some say, Forgotten Coast, town is one of my favorite places to rest, renew and be inspired.  I now have an ongoing Cedar Key collage series from the past several years and look forward to continuing it. The Island architecture and colors really speak to me.  Cedar Key boasts two art galleries, so the funky vibe in town has an extra artistic dash to it.

We discovered Cedar Key from an article sent to me by my dear friend Donna about the assemblage art at Low Key Hideaway Motel.  Check out my original blog post here

Here's a glimpse of  the two main drags in "downtown" Cedar Key - 2nd Street & Dock Street.

Dock Street

Welcome Center - 2nd Street
Gulf view

Island Arts Gallery - 2nd Street

Island Inn Hotel Est 1859 - 2nd Street

Inspired by the wonderful Flamingo-ed Cedar Key Bed & Breakfast, although the collage flamingo is waaay beyond actual size.

Flamingoed collage ~ Cedar Key

I don't know if this Nutcracker is a full-time guardian of this cottage or just for the Holidays, but I thought he was a perfect invitation for this quartet of vintage boys.

Nutcracker Cottage Boys ~ Cedar Key

Till next time