Friday, October 2, 2009

Traveling Assemblage Girls

So where did September go?? An impromptu trip to Virginia Beach, a day in the studio with the Art Girls, this and that and studio time for me.

My assemblage ‘girls’ have been traveling and I find like the travel theme for my boxes. A conversation with my childhood best friend Jan, brought up so many memories of our summertime haunt – Wildwood, N.J. So naturally, I sent the Alpha Girls to Wildwood, using vintage images of Wildwood and other summer motifs.

The Numeral girls traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida, which I discovered last winter. My husband found a super cheap airfare to St. Pete, so we bopped down for 5 days. It’s the home of the Salvador Dali museum, among other things, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and we weren’t. Typically people hit the beaches, but we spent our entire time in the downtown area, with his wonderful parks and walks along the bay and a lot of galleries and fun restaurants. The colorful image on the inside and outside lid of the Numeral girls is an altered photograph of a display of metal work I took at a street market. The piece also uses vintage postcard images.

I’m in a vintage mode. Currently I’m working on two pieces. One will evoke an old-time diner and the other a vintage Woolworths. I’m also working on a ‘dark doll’ in the cool October All Hallows vibe.

Till next time.