Monday, August 12, 2019

West Asheville Summertime

West Asheville, NC is such a fun and inspiring place.  Asheville itself is a great place, but I really thrive in the little-bit-funky West Asheville vibe.  Any walk around town is full of things that catch my eye and many yearn to become a collage. Yeppo, they tell me so. 

The weather was great and our time a bit short, so only two collages came out of this visit.  I typically do my 'regional' collages while I'm actually visiting and in the area.  It's part of my fun with capturing the locale I'm visiting.

Bari Salon - West Asheville, NC          

The West Asheville Lion

Special thank yous to Liz and Morris our West Asheville hosts.  It's always special and so are they. Always.