Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Darkling Series


The first images came to me while I was watching the Victorian gothic mysterious Penny Dreadful series. I dreamt of dark gowns and then as I began some image searches, the sense that these gowned ladies were holders of energy, held in their symbols and totems came to me. 

After I collected some 'dark gowns', the first totem arose - the Bat.  The Bat, so often symbol of the night and mysterious.  But more so a being of extraordinary perception of direction.  So the 'dark' totems became more expansive. As you will see many totem animals arose -Crow, Spider, Snake, Octopi, Lion and in the 'Clan Guardians' - we see Wolf, Panther, Eagle and Bear.

I have been working on these Darklings for several months now.  Some came in quick succession. Others had a waiting time.  A friend likened them to the images on Tarot cards and they do seem to echo those symbolic archetypal images.  Tarot has accompanying interpretations and here the collage titles serves that role;  so if you were to draw 'Minon, Knower of Direction', she could lead you to contemplate, query and associate to direction - needing it, finding it, knowing it is there and so on.

Some of the images offered the main character's name first, the quality being expressed secondly. Others came without a 'name' and only the quality and I have named the images accordingly. Each name came with it's own spelling - some of which are not 'actual' names or spellings; and in one a friend told me the meaning of the name.  So as you can see, this series has been an interesting intuitive and 'allowing' process for me.  I am not sure the Darklings are complete, but decided to share these seven today.

In that, I decided to google the meaning of today's date, August 11, and found this:  August 11th is the day of validation. Individuals born on August 11th express a strong desire to reveal the truth. They also have a predisposition to the dark side of life and places that others are not used to.

Don't you just  love it when the Multiverse seems to be communicating with you?  I do.

Minon - Knower of Directions ~ Darkling Series

Arane' - Mistress of Webs of Interconnection ~ Darkling Series

Keepers of the Unconscious ~ Darkling Series

Corvidae - She Who Remembers ~ Darkling Series

Oralia - Embracer of Change & Adaptability ~ Darkling Series

Clan Guardians ~ Darkling Series

Leiondra - Strength Though Clan ~ Darkling Series