Thursday, September 28, 2017

Community! Art at the Augusta County Virginia Library ~ October 2, 2017 thru January 6,2018

I'm participating in an art show at the August County Library on Community.  The invitation originally focused on the idea of works featuring the city of Staunton, then the county and then
evolved to varied themes by area artists.

I've contributed along the lines of the first theme, with my Staunton Girls and two pieces from my Waynesboro Series. Always fun to have art out and about.

Ben Thomas is the show coordinator and we had great fun associating the Pinky's collage to Pink Flamingo, John Waters, Baltimore and more.

In the area? The Library is located at 1759 Jefferson Hwy, [Route 250], Fishersville, VA.

Pinky's ~ Waynesboro Series

Staunton Girls

Weasie's ~ Waynesboro Series

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Elective Knee, Way Out Back and Love

So I am moving along in my recovery from my knee surgery, or as the docs specifically say, 'elective' knee replacement.  I'm am improving steadily and as my husband pointed out to me, walk better than I did for the few months before the surgery.  It took awhile for the energy to capture the experience in collage to emerge and as I worked, I discovered that the blood clots emerged as the primary point.  I love this robot girl, who I have embraced as my knee replacement avatar.  She is from Mr. Whiskers at Mischief Circus, a favorite image resource of mine.  

The Elective Knee

Awhile back I was taken by a photograph from my friend, Jen Jones, a fellow artist at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center. She called it Way Out Back. She kindly gave me permission to use it in a collage whenever I was so moved.  We both love the kind of 'rusty gold' that you can discover and let it find its way into art. 

Recently I came across a wonderful photograph of Howard Finster, truly one of the giants of outsider art.  I discovered him years and years ago and am ever drawn to and moved by his work. Although he is no longer with us, his art is more present than ever before.  Howard and Way Out Back made a perfect match. The background in this collage is Jen's photograph, amplified and altered and all the other images, except for my signature spirals, are of Finster's art, some amplified, others just as they are.

Howard Way Out Back

This collage emerged from a conversation about the movement to share is it's own expression of love. 'I was deep into this book and I kept thinking that I wanted to share it with you.'

Bacteria to Bach Love