Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year!

Sometimes the energy is a bit goony and a bit edgy and you end up with this holiday greeting I posted on Facebook.

I was busy before the holidays - inspired by an item from ArtsCow - zippered bags they called cosmetic bags, but I think are anything-you-want-to-use-them-for-bags.  What a perfect image medium and practical too!  

ArtsCow is a great resource for printing images on a all manner of items - including photo books - with good quality and reasonable prices.  They are always offering a deal, so be sure to google for artscow coupons before you make a purchase.

So I set about designing collages for my family and friends and having them made into these clever bags.  I also gave them a card with the collage on it and enjoyed when they were surprised to find the collage on a bag.  Of course, I made myself a bag and a couple to sell at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center gift shop.  I really enjoy creating collages with specific people in mind.  Thinking about them, looking for the images that I feel 'resonate' with them and then finding how it all goes together just has it's own unique flow.

Mermaid Collage for April

Eclectic collage for Mimi

Laughing Mermaids collage for Deb

Steampunk Shakespearean  collage for Rachel

Angelic Roses collage  for Kathryn

Soaring Butterflies collage for Nora

White Mystics collage for Oksana

Astro collage for Jacqui

Be True Shoes collage variant for me!

I want to end with sharing a collage I made as a thank you note for some wonderful gifts I received this Christmas time.  Mz Mimi certainly had me in mind when she found a perfect pair of  art shoes, a motorcycle trophy with a witch on it [actually won at a Halloween race by her partner Mike!] and a fantastic book of photographs of images in fish tanks [wow, wish I had thought of that one!!] Fish Tank Sonata by Arthur Tess.

Magical Mimi Shoes collage

The wonderful laughing mermaid images are from - a favorite resource and inspiration of mine.