Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Be tender with yourself

One of the fun things with collage is how images just appear in your sphere.  You're always on the lookout for them and they always find you.  It makes a nice alive element in life.

Lately an array of images of particularly interesting people have come into my world and I'm populating my collages with them.  Sometimes it is challenging to be different and I thought this message was timely. 


Be Tender collage     


My Anonymous Content collage series always begin with images that just grabbed my attention that day.  It's a free vibe of what may enter the space.  Sometimes themes emerge and a title with it.  This Anonymous collage ended up with a preponderance of blue.

Anonymous Content Blue collage



A vintage photo of classic Main Street where I live showed up, complete with retro cars and people. Alterations were required! The 5&10 and CocaCola soda fountain are long gone.

Retro Main Street collage


I was so taken by this vibrant woman in yellow that I had to make this collage just for me.  It is derived from Counterpoint, a painting I saw on Antiques Road Show.  The artist is Bernard Goss and the owner's mother knew him.  The appraiser said the 1954  painting had some controversy in the title and subject, as it showed an African-American pianist and Caucasian dancer performing together. Goss was a Chicago-area artist who was active during the WPA. He was a member of the important South Side Community Art Center.

Interestingly, this painting does not appear on any sites I found that included Goss' paintings.  I assume the owner has kept it in private hands.  I did a screen-shot to capture the image.  I have my own Chicago connection, having lived there for seven years when I was young.  The background is an edited vintage postcard of the Wrigley Building.

Counterpoint collage - Homage to Bernard Goss


Till next time.