Friday, March 29, 2024

Crow Girl Tarot!

I was in a 'Crow' mood and decided to make a contemporary Crow girl.  I was drawn to heavy boots and a dark dress, a little bit Goth,  and after a bit our Crow girl here emerged.  The moody, somewhat mysterious background reminded me of a Tarot card and here we are.

Crow Girl Tarot collage

For our upcoming Member Show at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center - SVAC - I decided to  embellish the collage and mat. I was delighted to find among my bits and pieces the black crow pin which perfectly echoed the two crows in the collage and the perfect sparkly fabric to make the amplified skirt. 

Crow Girl Tarot collage embellished
11x14 frame

Till another time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Spring! and Crow Woman With Daffodils

Happy Spring!  Happy Equinox! Welcome the change! The Emergence!

I created this Fairy archetype a couple years ago.  I call her Nix and she embodies my totems of Crow and Hare. Since then she's become my symbol of the seasons.  At another time in my life, I had a large plastic goose lamp that sat in the living room window.  I used to dress it for the seasons with hats and things I made. Alas, no pictures of the goose, but here I am, still dressing things for the season.

Spring Fairy Nix collage

It's my birthday this month and not surprisingly, I do a birthday collage each year and yes, usually including Crows.  Daffodils are my favorite flower and the yellow chair is a homage to Frida Kahlo, who sits on a yellow chair in one of my favorite paintings, 'Self Portrait with Cropped Hair'.

Crow Woman With Daffodils collage

Self Portrait With Cropped Hair
Frida Kahlo 1940

Till next time!