Friday, May 17, 2019

Thankful for cards - birthday, celebrations, hellos! Cards!!

Since I spend a lot of time 'moving images about' in my collage work, I really like to make 'mini-collages' as cards for my friends and family.  I have designed general cards for holidays and fun for sale at the gallery, but I especially like doing a collage with a specific person in mind.

But what pleases me most about greeting cards, is that they catch my attention, get my focus away from all the other things that are 'more important' or 'have to be done first' before I can spend time noodling around with collage.  Too long may go by that I don't turn my head to creativity and then bam ~ a birthday shows up! Perhaps a need to send get well wish.  Or maybe just a show of support is needed.  Stop the presses on all those other seemingly so important things and play with images, find just the one for just that person. NOW.

Yeppo, cards keep me sane and remind me when it's time to be in my art space.

Here' a few from 2019, so far.  And friends, if your birthday is coming up, your card is not included.

Orange Cake Birthday    

11th Birthday

Get Well  
They Them Theirs Birthday
Butterfly Birthday

Woman Built From Fire