Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankfulness & Art Girrls

November has been a time of new visions, new possibilities, opening to paradigm shifts and more. It’s always interesting, exciting and bit scary when we find the joy of change dancing with its eternal partner of chaos and destruction. Assemblage artists know that destruction is really only de-construction and it can lead to RE-construction in new and wonderful ways.

As part of this Thankful time, my ‘Art Girrls’ – Kathryn, Nora & Xenia - who join me in the studio once a month, came together to make collages to donate to ZNE’s wonderful Live Pink program. The program donates inspiring art to hospitals and centers helping individuals dealing with cancer and their families. We found it moving to work on pieces with support and caring in mind, wanting to bring a touch of beauty and a moment of joy to someone struggling with such a challenge.

My good friend Deb Booth donated supplies and many images to our project. You can explore her beautiful images from flowers to fractals at

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hope, Renewal & Ethiopia

I've been enjoying the sense of hope and possibilities of renewal that have been present. Into this energy, comes the news that my daughter's adoption has finally been approved.

Her search for her soul's child took her across the world to Ethiopia and soon, she will be 'winging' her precious daughter home. I sent her this card to celebrate the event.