Monday, May 20, 2024

All Around Town

My love of what I call 'regional' collage, collage anchored in photographs of buildings and place,  certainly thrives in my town, Waynesboro, Virginia. 

The WayneTheatre was the focus of a fantastic renovation, which turned this vintage theatre into a place for live theatre, music,  film, art and more.

The 'TimeLine' on their website tells the story. The Wayne opened on January 18, 1926, with plans to be a vaudeville/movie house. It advertised itself as the 'finest theatre in the Shenandoah Valley.' It had an orchestra pit with organ, and a small 'Wayne Orchestra' entertained the audience before the program. In 1929, the Wayne installed a 'talking machine' by RCA which allowed the Wayne to show talkies.

In 1999, the owners closed the theatre and deeded the structure to the city of Waynesboro. In 2000, to prevent the demolishing of the Wayne, a group of citizens incorporated the Wayne Theatre Alliance with the goal of renovating the theatre. On March 1, 2016, the Wayne Theatre, historically restored, artistically updated and technologically current, opened to the public as a performing arts center.

Some of the elements in this collage echo the Wayne's journey - from Theda Bara to Johnny Ray. Others are just for fun or caught my eye.

Welcome to the Wayne Theatre collage



Wayne Theatre circa 1940


Waynesboro has also become know for it's plethora of murals. Many are the work of  Nils Westergard and are a major inspiration for me.  This mural on the wall of the Waynesboro Family Y always gives me great pleasure. It is so filled with love in the eyes of the father with his daughter at the Pool.  The Y is near an entrance to the Waynesboro Greenway walk path, where my husband and I walk most days; so it is an almost daily delight.


Father and Daughter Love At the Y collage



Till next time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

More Crow Tarot

When I first posted 'Crow Girl Tarot'  [3/29/24 post], Rose Guterbock, artist extraordinaire, commented that I should do a tarot series. Tarot cards carry meaning and the specific symbolism of each image in this series have yet to reveal themselves to me.  So for now, they are in the realm of your own free-association.

I came across the yellow feather in my images, so my theme of Crow colors continued. The bold yellow moves me.

Yellow Crow Tarot

White Crow Tarot evolved out of a prompt for the May members gallery at Shenandoah Valley Art Center -   I think of them as Crow Sisters.

White Crow Tarot collage

For the gallery show, I added an embellished mat; a theme I am enjoying thanks to my good friend Deb Booth, who passed on a supply to me.

White Crow Collage with Embellished Mat

Apparently, the Multiverse has decided it's time for more Tarot in my life, as I recently inherited a vast collection of Tarot cards from my dear friend Michael, who died in December.  A journey awaits me.

Till another time.