Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collages. Steve Martin's Shoes and PINK

All the artwork from the recent art show is still sitting in my studio mostly unpacked  And assemblage was far from my mind.  No art for me this week, I thought.  Then the redoubtable Jerry Boyd -see his own great stuff @ - posted a wonderful picture of green shoes purportedly belonging to Steve Martin and that sent me on my way.  

Steve Martin's Shoes

The woman in the picture is Lorde, a 16 year New Zealand singer.   I love her energy and the image in the collage captures a feisty, centeredness I appreciate.  The image is amped up with various effects. 

I was thinking about colors I don't use too much and PINK came to mind.  And from that, surely a whole piece of pink would be fitting.  Finding pink things was fun.  I even just googled 'pink things', which turned up the pink gun.  I tried many pink combo backgrounds but my favorite acid green popped up and won the day.  Pink with an acid green side. Fits me fine.


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