Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When we can't do, we can look

My sister has been hospitalized since March 3rd.  It's been a hard time and I've traveled to see her a couple of times.  So my mind hasn't really been ready yet to create.  But in the midst of this distracting time, I've got to enjoy some fine, funky art, so I thought I'd share.

For my birthday I received a wonderful outsider art painting entitled Everyday Scenes in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven by Rev. Johnny Ace.  It's painted on wood and just pleases me so much.  I saw it at the great Roots Up Gallery, an 'outsider art' gallery,  in Savannah and my husband got it for me.  Lucky me!

Every Scenes in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven by Rev. Johnny Ace
On Saturday night the guys like to hang out with Elvis down on Main Street, goofing off, smoking cigarettes  and hitting on dead chicks.

I found this great blurb on Rev. Johnny Ace at Mike's Art Truck,   a great online outsider/folk art gallery based in Hillsborough, N.C.

I came across the wonderful funky cat beings of Danial Ryan on Facebook. This is my recent favorite.  I tried to buy this oddling treasure, but alas, I saw the post too late. I often feature pie in my own work.  Someone else now has this delight, but I sure love it.

Pie Cat, Plops2 by Danial Ryan on Facebook

Max Smoot is a friend of my son out in Oregon and I've gotten to hang out with him a bit over time. His art always speaks to me and captures just that touch of bizarro I appreciate.  Check him out at Maxart on Facebook and at his maxart shop @ bigcartel.

Max Art critters on Facebook

And then while working on my own Etsy shop, I came across Church of Type.  Super hand made block prints with a great sensibility.  Made my day.

Hank Williams @ Church of Type on Etsy

So with all this juicy art cooking in the background to inspire me, I hope to back creating myself soon.

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  1. Your work will sing again soon, no doubt! Your sister is very lucky to have you in her life, and by her side.


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