Thursday, January 24, 2019

Savannah 2019

I'm happily in my favorite urban home-away-from-home - Savannah.  The historic district with its wonderfully walkable vibe, enhanced by oasis of greenery every few blocks in the famous Squares of Savannah with Live Oak trees arching everywhere, is just perfect.  Add to that, as I've said before, the artsy vibe from the Savannah Collage of Art and Design - SCAD - and I'm in my happy place.

And there is so much inspiration for what I call my 'regional collages.  A fortunate gal am I.

The historic Savannah Theater's vintage marquee always sends me in a direction and this year I got to time warp into the 50's.

Drifters, Platters & Coasters In Savannah

The Colonial Cemetery is beautiful; a lovely place to walk through and has many stories to tell.  I saw the brochure for the Ole Bones walking tour at one of our favorite coffee shops, Cup to Cup and met Mr Bones.  He hand-painted his so-apropos suit.  By the way, the "orphans" in the title refer to the wall of tombstones, which was made of stones separated from their graves, many by the invading Union Army during the Civil War.  

With the Orphans In Colonial Cemetery - Savannah

Another favorite coffee shop is Gallery Espresso, which is also a lively student hang-out.  The rest rooms are papered with notices, posters, art bits etc and I always find something that catches my eye. Yeppo, always have a camera with you even in the bathroom or especially in these two. As I was working on this collage, I noticed that I had used some of the key elements before and sure enough there they were in another year.  I like that Mr Dali and Mz Starlight spoke to me a couple years in a row.

Dali In Starland - Savannah

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  1. Love the Savannah vibe in these collages - so much fun!!


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