Friday, November 5, 2021

Meet Up At The Barn with a Boy and his Cat and the Sun

One of the fun things of collage is image collecting.  Images just grab my attention and then sit in the background of my mind.  I find them online and in print, which I then scan into the computer. I then save them as jpegs, then tag and sort them into many categories.  But other times, I just put them into a 'soon' file because they are strongly with me.  And I never quite know where they will end up.  Will they be the focus, an element or in the background?  

The barn in this collage is on country road near me,  Route 635.  It always catches my eye, but I only stopped and took a photo of it just recently.  I altered the woman figure, happy in her red cart.  She was in my 'soon' file.  All the elements were happy to 'meet up' at the barn.


Meet Up at the Barn


Our gallery - Shenandoah Valley Art Center - has a monthly theme and November was Purple. At times, I like to work in the constraint of a theme.  It takes me a direction I might not have gone it.  I recently found the key figure and altered her with purple. Our high fashion gentleman is aligned to a gold and purple sun.  They, too, were in the 'soon' file.  This collage was especially striking in the 11x14 print size.

Into the Sun In Purple


My friend Jess posted a wonderful picture of her son and his cat.  I always found something quite magical about him and was inspired to put him in an other-worldly setting while still at home.  It seems to suit him perfectly and he was totally in the 'soon' file.

A Boy and His Cat


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  1. These are all grand, but my absolute fave is “A Boy and His Cat” - I just love that one!


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