Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elves, Hobs and Fairies

I’ve wanted to work with sculpting some faces for my altered dolls, but alas, this talent escapes me. A bit ago, I had a dream where I altered a dolls face using air dry clay. In the dream, I created a little woodland leaf elf named Dunton. I woke up jazzed with energy and sure enough, found two dolls I had not deconstructed because originally I didn’t like their shape. Of course, they were perfect for elves.

Since then the elf energy has been flowing. They seem to come to me with names and stories. The ‘boys’ have emerged with a bit of tough energy, so I think they have a touch of the hobgoblin too. Next emerged fairies. Rix, with his striped socks and chain collar, seems to be carrying a bit of the Goth fairy. In these challenging times, my art spirit seems to enjoy traveling to these other realms.


  1. The little leaf elves are wonderful! Like little Green Men.

    The Crow Fairy reminds me very much of a painting of the Morrigan that I have hanging in my room.

  2. Thanks Yanna. I wasn't familiar with 'Morrigan', Morgana yes, so I googled her - wow what a goddess. The Crow energy has been very important to me and figures consistently in my work. Crow is a totem of mine. Hope you come again to my blog.

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