Friday, June 12, 2009

Art & Spirituality Meet Up This Weekend

When I'm not here much, you know I've been busy. This weekend my best buddy Deb has gotten me to join her to be vendors at the OneHeart group's spiritual homecoming this weekend here in Waynesboro.

This will be a first for me in a couple of ways. It's the first time my art has been on display other than the internet and secondly, it's the first time my spiritual work has been in the same mileau as my art.

So I'll be sharing about the OrionWisdom work and having a lot of art for sale too, especially the Goddess/Wisewoman torsos and the Fairy/Elf series.

Deb and I have a double booth, so I'll be with her wonderful flowers and abstracts, and of course, all the OrionWisdom cards and art she created. In any event, we can't go wrong being together for the weekend and who knows who we will meet and greet.

It's been interesting getting things together and I feel like I'm now 'aligned' for something, even though it may not actually be this specific event.

The Aspect Art book still has a few technical issues I have to resolve and it's the focus of my attention for next week. Helen and I did a piece we really liked, so we added two pages to the book after our first proof copy. I do hope we're available at by the end of the month. The book really wants to fly but, of course, the devil continues to be in the details.

I look forward to having an interesting report from the weekend, high atop Afton Mountain on the grounds of lovely old Swannanoa Palace. Find out more at Wikipedia

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