Monday, June 15, 2009

Minimal sales but maximum magnificent people!

Tea Cup Miss spoke deeply to the beautiful spirit of Kathleen who took her home.

Well, I had an interesting two days high atop Afton Mountain on the grounds of the Swannanoa Palace, an 1900's Italianate mansion. My best buddy Deb, of DifferentLightStudio, got me into this and it wouldn't be half as much fun - or any! - without her. She is so outgoing and generous and just is on sparkle all the time. She was even game for an impromptu juggling lesson.

This was also the first time I have put my OrionWisdom spiritual work in the same venue as my art, so it was a bit of a coming out party too.

Dennis put together a great display and people were mostly intrigued and a couple of pieces even found new homes. My opening line was 'A little bit different, isn't it?.

There was lots of good conversation and I made some great connections with other vendors.

Night More sells magickal jewelry and things. She has two sites on Etsy. One for her jewlery and art and the other for supplies for you to create your jewelry and art! Check out Night at BellaBohemian and The Moon and The Sea

Pam Roland explores fine art and whimsy. Her whimsy are the delightful Joybelz - wonderful little beings that dance with caring, uplifting sentiments. Pam is sharp and bright and delightful herself.

In another vein, the lovely Christina Kramer wears many hats, Reiki Master, healer and channeler of Mother Mary. She's developing her web presence but if you'd like to know more, just email me and I'll pass it along.

When my Elves and Fairies started to come to me they each brought their name and story. I included these stories in my Ebay listings and soon found that I created 'back stories' for all the pieces. I include these stories when I ship a piece. At this event, there wasn't room for each piece to have their story, but I chose one story of each type of piece. I found it so interesting that people seemed to read every story. It seemed that they found a way to connect to the art through their stories.

This little Elf is Elandor and she also found a new home at the show.

My son, Alexander, suggested that next time I be sure to have note cards available of the pieces with their stories on the back. Good idea!

We'll have to just wait and see how 'next time' presents itself!

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