Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mz Underwood

 Typewriters have been pretty core in my life.  Although I went to college, the most relevant education I have used is the typing classes I took in high school.  Almost all my professional career has involved typing or as we know say, keyboarding.  My art explorations and personal interactions in the world - yep, typing!

I found this replica vintage typewriter in the Dollar Tree, my most favorite source of art junque.  But recently after reading a piece on making things with old books, I decided it was time for a typewriter-headed altered doll.

I also had great fun cutting the words from an old book for the torso collage. Each line was it's own selection and each 'paste' followed some internal rhythm of  'this one goes there'.  In the end, though, these things just become embedded in the whole but I really love the feeling of following that element of precision or requirement in the creative flow.

Dennis handily drilled a hole right through the book for the literary base.  

Mz Underwood _ altered doll  17" tall

Mz Underwood - front detail

Mz Underwood - back detail

Mz Underwood - base detail

While googling for a typewriter font, I found this vintage ad for 'Underwood Red' nail polish.  Scary good.


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