Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Healing Arts with Deb Booth - DifferentLightStudio.com

Deb Booth is a dear friend, but also an art colleague and collaborator. Deb is a glorious photographer who finds the heart, the 'different light' in what she sees and creates vibrant, unique images.  Together we have also explored digital collage together.  

Deb is currently part of a moving show - Healing Through The Arts - at Oasis Gallery in Harrisonburg, Va, where is she a co-op member.

Each artist prepared a book in which they talk about their art and process.  I particularly like how Deb shared her perspective on the theme of healing.

  • Healing through the arts.... what does that mean?  Well, for me - it's a dual process.
  • When I create art, I'm healed.
  • There is a spiritual connection for me, when I'm focused on my art. 
  • I have always said that getting out and taking photos of flowers, plants, trees, clouds, etc., is my form of worship service. 
  • It's my way of touching something Divine, and remembering that there is more to this world than what I can see or perceive.  A reminder that there is something holy and eternal  in the curves and curlicues of a fern unfolding.
  • Getting back in touch with Spirit / God / All That Is is a healing thing for me.  Touching the wellspring of timelessness when I'm totally involved in capturing that bit of Nature is when I'm feeling most creative.
  • Creativity is inspiration in action.  And when I'm caught up by my 'play', I am in The Flow.  The Zone.  I am at peace with, honoring, and working beside, God.  I am being healed.  
These are some of my favorite images and I love how she shares her collage approach.

If you're in the area, check out the show at  
               click on the logo for the website 

The show runs through May 30th     Oasis is at 103 S. Main Street in downtown Harrisonburg, VA, at the corner of Water Street.    540-442-8188.  

Otherwise, check out all of Deb at  

 click on the logo for the website

collages copyright of Deb Booth

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